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10 Top Tips to Prepare Your Walls for Tiling

Here are the 10 top tips checklist to make your sure your walls are ready for tiling

Professional Contractor vs DIY Tilers

Do it yourself or hire a pro? Whether you have a little tiling project to do, or you just want to totally revamp your rooms in your house, the decision is do you do it yourself or hire in a professional tiler.

How to Clean Your Bathroom Floor Tiles

Your grubby looking bathroom is now looking sparkling, but the floor needs a bit of work. Follow these steps and you will have the cleanest bathroom floor in your street.

How to Clean Your Bathroom Tiles

A grubby looking bathroom can easily be scrubbed up so that it’s sparkling, using a mix of household cleaning products. Follow these steps and you will have the cleanest bathroom in your street.

Choosing the Right Tiles for Commercial Projects

Before you start planning what materials and tile finishes you want, there are a few things you need to consider to make sure you have the right material for the right application.

Grout Restoration

No matter how clean you keep your bathroom or kitchen area, there’s nothing like discoloured grout for spoiling the look. So how can you restore the grout around your tiles, follow these 6 steps.

Choosing the right tiler

You have saved up to get your house re-decorated, you are thinking about getting your kitchen tiled. Tiling a room provides an attractive hard-wearing finish whilst protecting the walls and floors from water damage. So how do you know which tiler to book to undertake the job?

How to Prevent Mould and Mildew Grout Lines

Mould thrives best in warm, moist areas with poor circulation. Here are a few tips that you can do to keep tiles mould and mildew at bay. 

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