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How to Clean Your Bathroom Floor Tiles

Your Bathroom is now sparkling, but the floor needs a bit of work, so we need to tackle the bathroom floor tiles, you could use cleaning products, but I think we should carry on using what we’ve already used before, baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice. I am sure by now you are exhausted, and would rather someone do the work for you, (sadly the cleaning fairies are on summer holiday) steam cleaners are great for large areas, they get rid of the dirt and grime quickly and very efficiently with hardly any effort on your part. 

They are not ideal for some finishes of tiles so make sure you check before you use it. Before using a steam cleaner, it’s good to prepare your floor give the floor a quick wipe beforehand and remove any large particles of dirt, as this could scratch the surface when using this steam cleaner.

Carefully guide the steam cleaner over every part of the floor, Using circular motions. Leave the floor to dry for a little while and then give it a final wipe over with an old towel.

Step back and admire your beautiful citrus smelling bathroom, I think you deserve a sit down and a cup of tea now.

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