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How to Prevent Mould and Mildew Grout Lines

Mould thrives best in warm, moist areas with poor circulation, bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are ideal places for mould to develop, as humidity is always high and air flow is usually restricted.

Tile grout is where mould is often found, where moisture is abundant such as kitchen splashbacks and shower enclosures. Due to the porous nature of grout, it makes it particularly susceptible to mould growth.

The build-up of mould growth often makes a kitchen or bathroom look old, tired and dirty.

Here are a few tips that you can do to keep mould and mildew at bay. 

Tip 1: Keep doors and windows open for as long as possible. When showering leave the window open if you have a bathroom fan, leave it on whilst showering. Ensure that you leave the window open for 15 minutes after you have had a shower or continue leaving the fan on for 30 minutes after the showering to allow the moisture to move out of the room and not condense on the walls and tiles.  The shower door should stay open when not showering.

Tip 2: Wipe down the shower walls and the shower floor after bathing. You can do this by using a hand towel or a face cloth, a face cloth is ideal for getting into the grout and into the corners where mould tends to appear first.

Tip 3: If using a shower with shower curtains after showering, shake the rest of the water off the curtain and pull it partially drawn so the rest of the water can naturally drain away.

Tip 4: Hang your bath towels to dry after using them don’t leave them on the bathroom floor, hang them on the back of the bathroom door because this will also contribute to the humidity of the room.

Tip 5: Keep tiles clean, try and stay on top of your bathroom cleaning, cleaning and scrubbing is the best way to minimise the chance of mould and mildew growth in your grout, unless frequently cleaned the tile surfaces can become coated in a fine layer of soap scum which then becomes an ideal breeding ground for mould. To make sure that you clean the tiles and grout, spray the tiles with a mould prevention solution at least once a week. 

There are numerous grout cleaning products for sale on the market but you can make your own if your budget is tight.

This is my homemade recipe; 

  1. ½ cup of white vinegar
  2. ½ cup of warm water
  3. 10 drops of tea tree oil.
  4. Spray bottle. (Pour into a spray bottle shake and spray).
  5. Tea tree oil is a natural anti-mould solution and is perfect for protecting bathroom from fungi.

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