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Grout Restoration

No matter how clean you keep your bathroom or kitchen area, there’s nothing like discoloured grout for spoiling the look. The grout in the spaces between the tiles in your bathroom and shower are dirty and unsightly but after a quick grout repair will look as shiny as new. Cleaning and repairing grout seams are an easy DIY job and you can complete the job in a couple of hours.

So how can you restore the grout around your tiles, follow these steps; 

Select the grout

Purchase the grout that matches the colour of the grout currently used in your bathroom, unless you are planning on re grouting the entire surface, you want to make sure the new grout colour matches as closely as possible.

Remove the loose and damaged grout

Use a grout rake to remove the loose or damaged grout between tiles, gently run the grout rake back and forth along the grout seams. Be careful not to damage the tiles.

Clean the seams

Use a spray bottle and some cold water to wet the areas where you removed the grout. Then take an old toothbrush and scrub the seams. This will remove the grout you freed with a grout rake. Finally wipe away the grout into an old plastic container, something you can dispose of later.

Mix the tile grout

Spread between the tile seams using a grout squeegee, working in small sections, clean the tiles with a sponge to remove any excess grout as you go.

Clean the tiles

Wait too long to clean the tiles the grout will dry and be harder to remove. If the grout does dry and become hard, use a putty knife or plastic scraper to scrape the grout away. Use a damp cloth to wipe the loose grout and residue away from the tiles or seams.

Polish the tiles

Once tiles have dried, take a soft towel or an old t-shirt to buff the tiles where the grout was applied, sometimes the grout will cause the tiles to lose their lustre and shine. Buff the areas for a few seconds with a dry cloth. The shine should return.

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